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             The Governing Utopia Trilogy

©2017 Laurence R. Smith

Welcome to Governing Utopia


Science Fiction with a Spectacular Twist...

The  Governing Utopia Trilogy takes three books to tell the story about how the United States became friends with an alien race from a distant planet. Of course The US Government keeps their friendship a secret on Earth - yet on Wrenta 5 Billion people know all about it!

Book 1- The Beginning:
" You’re only the sixth person on the entire planet who will have knowledge of this research. Take this very, very seriously.” he said.
" You will have to live a lie to everyone you know.”


A Trip to Wrenta:
The four men lined up at the railing and looked at the large spacecraft in front of them, one story down. The large craft was 120 feet in diameter and appeared to be about three stories high. The silver-gray metal exterior had dozens of lights, antennas, and various devices all over the craft. George leaned over to Paul and said, “This part never gets old. Just to see this spacecraft and know we’ll be in it takes your breath away.”

  The President Arrives:
The President (of the U.S.) looked very confused. “No press on the entire planet?” Grant asked incredulously. “So how do the newspapers and TV stations report their news every day?” he asked.
"There are no TV stations here."
"There are no newspapers either.”
Paul smiled and touched his arm. “Grant, you’re on an alien planet. They do things differently here, and you can’t compare what’s done on Earth to pretty much anything on Wrenta.” Paul said calmly.


Book 2- A New U.S. President is Elected:
Sally chuckled. “It’s not that bad on Earth, Paul, and certainly not in the U.S.” the president replied.
“So congress doesn’t swear and fight with each other?” Paul asked.
“You’re from Earth, Paul. You know that’s normal everyday politics.” Sally responded.
“I guess that statesmanship really is dead in America and that’s a shame.” Paul replied.

                                                                                                                                                                                             ©2017 Laurence R. Smith